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Breathe in the Fresh Air at Mckesson’s Headquarters in San Francisco

Bold and sturdy, the austere stone lobby at 1 Post street serves as symbol to the strength and stability of its occupant, Mckesson Corporation. Expansive and light filled, the active lobby has recently become even more commanding of attention with its recent addition: two verdant swatches from Eden. The once monotone gray and hard-lined landscape has been transformed by the radiant designs of San Francisco based, David Brenner of Habitat Horticulture. Employees of the institution are beyond delighted by the new installation, often commenting on its acoustic and aesthetic appeal as well as its positive affect on their mood.

The two 11 foot wide and 7 foot tall living murals illuminate the space in a flourishing thee-dimensional collage. The chartreuse leaves of Neon Pothos energetically dash through a fine textured backdrop of dark rich Ficus repens. Jubilant Sword Ferns nestle among elegant white Peace Lilies and ornate orchids dapple with magenta.

In addition to enlivening the severe space, the dimensional tapestries absorb both noise and air pollution. Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Neon’, Ficus repens and Spathiphyllum spp.¬†all silently filter the air, while the hidden water pump, part of the integrated self-sufficient irrigation system, quietly evokes the sound of a tranquil waterfall. All of this, neatly arranged vertically, enhancing without consuming space. With no detriment to the supporting wall the light and sturdy construction sits in a brushed stainless steal frame.



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