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Bay Meadows Living Wall Installation Complete


A colorful vertical garden now greets guests at the Welcome Center of new urban village Bay Meadows in San Mateo, California. The 86-foot long vibrant stretch of greenery mixes lush foliage with purple, pink and white flowers, evoking a sense of spring or summer.

In a timelapse capturing the living wall and landscape coming to life alongside the new development, Habitat Horticulture founder David Brenner shares his vision for the project:

“I’d be happy if people came to the welcome center and were greeted with sense of tranquility and able to stop, look, and relax… I think plants are not only important to the environment but also vital to our well-being.”

David Brenner – Living Wall, Bay Meadows, San Mateo, CA from steelblue on Vimeo.

It was a pleasure working with Wilson Meany, BCV Architects, CMG Landscape Architects and Star Apple Edible Gardens on the project!

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New Vertical Garden for SFMOMA’s New Expansion

Habitat Horticulture is thrilled to announce that we will be working with Snohetta  in collaboration with Hyphae Design Laboratory in designing a vertical garden for the SFMOMA’s new 225,000 square foot expansion.  Click the links above to find out more about this exciting new project…

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Take a tour of Bay Area living walls

A Handy Map of Bay Area Living Walls & Designs!

Staying true to our promise to “bring greenery into urban areas and into the everyday lives of city inhabitants”, we’ve designed and installed vertical gardens throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Now it’s time to map out our favorites so you could take a self-guided tour or simply drop by any one at your convenience.

Below is a list. If you’ve enjoyed our living walls feel free to send a note and/or a photo to hello@habitathorticulture.com! We’d love to hear from you!




1. Living Murals at Mckesson’s Corporate Headquarters
The two 11×7 living murals illuminate the lobby in a flourishing three-dimensional collage. The chartreuse leaves of Neon Pothos energetically dash through a fine textured backdrop of dark rich Ficus repens. Jubilant Sword Ferns nestle among elegant white Peace Lilies and ornate orchids dapple with magenta.

2. Living Columns at New Resource Bank
The 4×8 living column has transformed what was a stark concrete pillar into a verdant living column that helps purify the air and provide a relaxing indoor environment for New Resource Bank’s employees and customers.

3. A Lush Backdrop in a Private Residence at Blu
Nestled in a private playhouse in the heart of South of Market lies a lush living composition that compliments a meeting place for Bay Area entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. A flash of greenery greets guests against a beautiful backdrop of dark charred wood sitting atop a space to prepare food and drinks.

4. “The Great Barrier” Living Partitions at Westfield’s Metreon Center
The living mobile partitions were designed to break up San Francisco’s largest outdoor patio space and create smaller and more intimate outdoor rooms. The coral-like forms of the contrasting light blue and chartreuse sedums and succulents collectively resemble an underwater scene inspired by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

5. “City of Green” Living Wall at The Luggage Store Gallery
The “City of Green” is designed to help beautify and bring vegetation into San Francisco’s mid market street area. Drought tolerant grasses and sedums snake through this long and narrow site to help give the illusion that the space is wider than it really is. Thanks to San Francisco Art Commission and Artery Project for helping fund this project.

6. “Spring to Life” Living Stage at California Academy of Sciences
The piazza living stage is designed to provide an aesthetic backdrop for the main stage in the museum  The plant palette was chosen to express the essence of spring in California. Most are native to California and can be found in mixed evergreen forest and woodland plant communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The range of flower colors and forms set against a variety of foliage textures and hues have been carefully arranged to create an installation that will incorporate seasonal change within the piazza.

7. The Moss Room Living Wall at California Academy of Sciences
Emulating a lush California forest environment, the Moss Room living wall is comprised of 7 different types of ferns that naturally flow over the wet slate cladding. Swathes of lush ferns and exposed slate highlight the interplay of hard and soft textures. Shadows of Japanese river fish are projected onto the wall as the fish swim by.

8. “Mt. Tam” Living Wall at Corte Madera Town Center
Marin County’s most endearing icon, Mount Tamalpais, comes alive indoors as a local combination of natural features emulates the surrounding mixed evergreen forest in a living wall. This multi sensory experience includes a rich contrast in color and fragrances, from a striking magenta ‘Red robin’ begonia to a refreshing mint-scented Yerba buena.

A Handy Map to Habitat Horticulture’s Living Walls: http://bit.ly/LivingWallsMap

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Introducing Our New “Ferniture”: The Living Table

Beautiful Living Table Centerpieces Integrate Unexpected Greenery into Home or Office Spaces

Habitat Horticulture is excited to announce the official launch of the first product in our new line of “Ferniture.” The Living Table delivers a fresh take on the idea of ‘Garden to Table’ by integrating a flush of unexpected greenery into home or office tables. These beautiful and functional centerpieces for indoor and outdoor spaces have drawn the likes of many leading Bay Area companies, finding home at the Google offices in Mountain View, CA, Mckesson’s Corporate Headquarter’s in San Francisco and Westfield’s Metreon Center in San Francisco.


Handmade and Customized in Bay Area, Shippable throughout Country

Handmade in our Bay Area studio, the Living Tables are versatile, highly customizable and require little maintenance. All materials have been chosen to withstand the elements and sealed to prevent water damage. The 3/8 inch-thick tempered glass can handle a hefty 180 lb load per square foot. In addition to durability, customers and clients benefit from their choice of color, wood finish, and a choice of two plant palettes. Custom shapes are also available upon request. Watering is required only once a month during the summer and even less in the winter.


To companies in the Bay Area – or throughout the country – interested in furnishing their spaces with vibrant living designs like the Living Table, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can browse the Living Table sliders or read more about the aesthetic relief and incredible health benefits of living designs. Contact David at 415.684.8555  or hello@habitathorticulture.com for more information. 

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Upcoming this Month: Corte of Madera Town Center Living Wall


Enjoy a sneak preview of a indoor space that will soon come alive with natural features from the beautiful, surrounding Mount Tamalpais! The Living Wall at Corte of Madera Town Center will highlight the interplay of stone, vibrant greenery and falling water. The plant pallet includes a rich contrast in color and fragrances, from a striking magenta ‘red robin’ begonia to a refreshing mint-scented yerba buena.



Vertical Garden at the Corte of Madera Town Center Living Wall

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Breathe in the Fresh Air at Mckesson’s Headquarters in San Francisco

Bold and sturdy, the austere stone lobby at 1 Post street serves as symbol to the strength and stability of its occupant, Mckesson Corporation. Expansive and light filled, the active lobby has recently become even more commanding of attention with its recent addition: two verdant swatches from Eden. The once monotone gray and hard-lined landscape has been transformed by the radiant designs of San Francisco based, David Brenner of Habitat Horticulture. Employees of the institution are beyond delighted by the new installation, often commenting on its acoustic and aesthetic appeal as well as its positive affect on their mood.

The two 11 foot wide and 7 foot tall living murals illuminate the space in a flourishing thee-dimensional collage. The chartreuse leaves of Neon Pothos energetically dash through a fine textured backdrop of dark rich Ficus repens. Jubilant Sword Ferns nestle among elegant white Peace Lilies and ornate orchids dapple with magenta.

In addition to enlivening the severe space, the dimensional tapestries absorb both noise and air pollution. Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Neon’, Ficus repens and Spathiphyllum spp. all silently filter the air, while the hidden water pump, part of the integrated self-sufficient irrigation system, quietly evokes the sound of a tranquil waterfall. All of this, neatly arranged vertically, enhancing without consuming space. With no detriment to the supporting wall the light and sturdy construction sits in a brushed stainless steal frame.



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ASLA Speaking Engagement

David Brenner will be speaking next Thursday, February 16th, 2012 in San Francisco for ASLA’s 2012 lecture series: “Living Walls, the Intersection of Art, Ecology and Technology”. Click here for the details.

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Living Partitions

Living Partitions are freestanding living walls that help to divide large spaces, create smaller outdoor rooms. They can be double sided and furnished with castors for complete versatility, allowing you to easily change the orientation and create a sense of privacy or intimacy through small, individual “living rooms.”

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Press Release: California Academy of Sciences, Piazza Living Wall

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (3/28/11) – Habitat Horticulture announces the completion of a new 12- by 18- foot living wall commissioned by the California Academy of Sciences. Totaling 216 square feet, the wall provides a dramatic backdrop to the Academy’s “Spring to Life” exhibit which will run through May 1 of this year. Utilizing state-of-the-art hydroponic technology, Habitat Horticulture has designed and implemented a large-scale artwork flanked by a steel frame that supports approximately 2,000 plants, mostly found in the understory of mixed evergreen forests and woodland plant communities. 27 different species are featured; 14 are native to California. This vertical garden is one of the largest free-standing living walls in North America.

The California Academy of Sciences, which reopened in 2008, is the greenest museum in the world as measured by LEED points. The new building was designed by architect Renzo Piano and features a living roof, four-story rainforest, planetarium and aquarium. Sustainable components of the building include soil and denim insulation, solar panel-generated energy and recycled steel and concrete. The museum is the largest public building to receive a Platinum-level LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Designer David Brenner said of the project, “I am very excited to have designed a uniquely dynamic installation for the Academy. I envision it providing both entertainment and educational value that will support the Academy’s mission as a living museum. Nothing could personify ‘life’ better than a living wall that echoes that season of spring. This vertical garden engages the museum’s visitors at eye level – a perspective from wich many people are not accustomed to interacting with plants, which makes it very special. THe Academy has been very supportive; I hope we will find more opportunities to work together in the future.”

Habitat Horticulture was founded to bring greenery into urban areas and into the everyday lives of city inhabitants. The firm creates innovative living walls and designs with the guiding principle that plants provide essential nourishment and vitality to our environment and the wellbeing of our community.

Contact: Natasha Zuhur, natasha@habitanthorticulture.com,(415) 509-5947

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California Academy of Sciences, Spring Living Wall

Monday, February 21, 2011

The California Academy of Sciences has commissioned Habitat Horticulture to install a living wall as a backdrop for a stage to compliment their new lively spring exhibit. This will include mostly, California native flowering plants found throughout the San Francisco Bay Area’s woodland plant communities. Come back soon to find out more!

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