Habitat Horticulture offers the most comprehensive living wall maintenance service for all living wall systems on the market. Do you have a recently installed living wall that needs some tender love and care? Our team of horticulturists and landscape professionals help keep your living wall looking healthy and vibrant throughout the year using organic maintenance practices that are safe for you and the environment.

Like any garden, the growth habit of the plants, size of the garden and the client’s expectations dictate the maintenance.  At Habitat Horticulture, maintenance is considered at the rudimentary design stages of each living wall project to ensure the maintenance schedule and budget is inline with the client's expectations.

Careful selection of plant palette, plant composition and irrigation system design play a major role in dictating the ongoing maintenance of each project. Our living walls systems can be designed with complete automation where plants will thrive on as little as a quarterly maintenance regime. However, most of our living walls have weekly to monthly maintenance packages to ensure the living wall system is functioning properly and the plants continue to thrive for year to come.

Habitat Horticulture is able to maintain all living walls in the San Francisco Bay Area. For our living walls located outside the San Francisco Bay Area, Habitat Horticulture provides easy and extensive maintenance training to local landscapers and interior plant-scapers to ensure the wall looks as good if not better as it did when first installed.

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A 100% plant guarantee comes with all our maintenance packages.


We undertake projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We are always interested in hearing from you so please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions!

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