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Bay Meadows Living Wall Installation Complete


A colorful vertical garden now greets guests at the Welcome Center of new urban village Bay Meadows in San Mateo, California. The 86-foot long vibrant stretch of greenery mixes lush foliage with purple, pink and white flowers, evoking a sense of spring or summer.

In a timelapse capturing the living wall and landscape coming to life alongside the new development, Habitat Horticulture founder David Brenner shares his vision for the project:

“I’d be happy if people came to the welcome center and were greeted with sense of tranquility and able to stop, look, and relax… I think plants are not only important to the environment but also vital to our well-being.”

David Brenner – Living Wall, Bay Meadows, San Mateo, CA from steelblue on Vimeo.

It was a pleasure working with Wilson Meany, BCV Architects, CMG Landscape Architects and Star Apple Edible Gardens on the project!

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Introducing Our New “Ferniture”: The Living Table

Beautiful Living Table Centerpieces Integrate Unexpected Greenery into Home or Office Spaces

Habitat Horticulture is excited to announce the official launch of the first product in our new line of “Ferniture.” The Living Table delivers a fresh take on the idea of ‘Garden to Table’ by integrating a flush of unexpected greenery into home or office tables. These beautiful and functional centerpieces for indoor and outdoor spaces have drawn the likes of many leading Bay Area companies, finding home at the Google offices in Mountain View, CA, Mckesson’s Corporate Headquarter’s in San Francisco and Westfield’s Metreon Center in San Francisco.


Handmade and Customized in Bay Area, Shippable throughout Country

Handmade in our Bay Area studio, the Living Tables are versatile, highly customizable and require little maintenance. All materials have been chosen to withstand the elements and sealed to prevent water damage. The 3/8 inch-thick tempered glass can handle a hefty 180 lb load per square foot. In addition to durability, customers and clients benefit from their choice of color, wood finish, and a choice of two plant palettes. Custom shapes are also available upon request. Watering is required only once a month during the summer and even less in the winter.


To companies in the Bay Area – or throughout the country – interested in furnishing their spaces with vibrant living designs like the Living Table, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can browse the Living Table sliders or read more about the aesthetic relief and incredible health benefits of living designs. Contact David at 415.684.8555  or hello@habitathorticulture.com for more information. 

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