Del Amo Fashion Center

Project details

Client Simon Properties
Design David Brenner
Installation Habitat Horticulture
Architect 5+Design (Design Architects), Perkowitz + Ruth (Interiors), Altoon Partners (Core/Shell)
Landscape Architect LRM
General Contractor Whiting Turner
Completion Date October 2015
Location Torrance, CA
Photographer Garry Belinsky

Part of Del Amo Fashion Center’s phase II expansion, this living wall creates an oasis within one of the largest malls in the United States. Habitat Horticulture worked closely with the design team at SIMON to create a biophilic space that felt calming, approachable and awe-inspiring. The tapestry of greenery flows off the vertical plane onto planters below providing a series of garden rooms for visitors to relax and interact with the greenery. The living wall plant palette is refined to four species. The darker backdrop planting of philodendron cordatum and the lighter Geranium cantebrigense ‘biokovo’ provide a lush backdrop planting that slowly intertwine. The two species begin at separate corners and converge and intermix to mimic ecotones that are found in nature. Flecked within the living wall are the brighter green textural highlights of Asplenium bulbiferum which provide dimension and softness to the wall. From up close they feel random, but from afar they create a rippling effect providing a sense of movement across the wall. Lastly, the stately fronds of Phlebodium aureum provide larger focal points for the viewer's eyes to rest on throughout the composition.


Interior, Commercial