David is a pioneer in the field of vertical gardens

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David Brenner

Founding Principal & Lead Designer

Working at the intersection of botany, architecture, interior design and urbanism, David has applied his passion for plants to a growing list of innovative projects, building a broad variety of modern, human-centric spaces with abundant plant life at their heart.

David holds a degree in Environmental Horticulture Sciences from California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. He credits his time spent studying at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, with setting him on the path to living wall design. It was at Kew that he came to appreciate the beauty of epiphytic plants – those which have naturally evolved to grow vertically on trees.

David sees his work as an integral part of a public shift in consciousness towards a renewed sense of the value of nature and a growing appreciation amongst city-dwellers of the restorative effect of plants. For David, designing living walls affords the chance not only to promote awareness of native and endangered plant species but also to have a direct impact on quality of life.

The Habitat team combines unparalleled expertise in horticulture, botany, design and construction.

Hh team photos billy Billy Rose

Director of Operations


Billy is a talented horticulturist who constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible with one of the world’s most valuable and interesting resources: plants! In our ever-changing environment, Billy believes it is necessary to respect plants, while using them to our best advantage. This enthusiasm and intensity for all things green spurred from his roots growing up on a farm.

Billy joined Habitat Horticulture in 2014 and recently was promoted to Director of Operations in 2018. Billy’s primary role is to increase efficiency in all areas of the workplace and to provide guidance and support to our Project Managers. 
Billy also has his certified pest applicators license and works with our maintenance team to develop Integrated Pest and Disease Management Programs for each site to help prevent and control any potential problems down the line.

Billy attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where he earned a degree in Environmental Horticultural Science, with a concentration in Nursery & Floriculture Production. He worked at the Cal Poly Plant Conservatory, as Head Curator, as well as at the Horticulture Unit on campus, as an orchid specialist. Billy’s background is heavily influenced by greenhouse systems that can be directly applied to any type of growing situation. Yes, that means living walls!

Hh team photos donna %281 of 1%29 Donna Shibata

Head of Plant Procrument


Donna’s primary role at Habitat Horticulture is to work with our trusted nurseries and growers to deliver the highest quality of plants for our living walls and botanical installations.

Donna holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Yale School of Management, a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School, and a Bachelor’s of Art from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her prior experience includes serving as the Director of Finance and Administration for several nonprofit independent schools in San Francisco.

When she is not working on living walls, Donna can be found contributing to the community and other landscapes. She is a board member of the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, the Community Garden Coordinator with a community garden in the Mission, and a Collections and Garden Volunteer with the University of California, Santa Cruz Arboretum.

Hh team photos mickey Mickey Mangan

Design Manager


Joining Habitat Horticulture in 2011, Mickey brings a keen sense of the construction process, formal design training, a professional attitude and a lifelong obsession with plants to Habitat Horticulture. His devotion and meticulous manner is crucial in ensuring all design documents design documents and details are fine tuned before handing them off to our installation team. No matter the scale of the project, Mickey constantly is pushing the envelope and recreating our idea of a “living wall” by shifting form and geometry to blur the lines between architecture and living canvas. Mickey has worked on most of our major and more complex projects including SFMOMA,, Salesforce, 45 Lansing, Tesla, Facebook and the California Academy of Sciences. Mickey is a proud graduate of the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo landscape architecture program.

Hh employees2 John Donovan

Construction Manager


Hh team photos mat Matthew O'Brien

Maintenance Engineer


Mat has over 15 years of nursery production and agricultural engineering experience setting up and troubleshooting hydroponic greenhouse systems throughout the country. Mat helps provide 24hr technical support to our maintenance team and network of maintenance partners across the nation to ensure our systems our working properly and all the plants are growing under optimum conditions.

Hh employees4 Mateo Aguilar

Systems Designer


As Systems Designer, Mateo helps layout and design our living wall and irrigation systems. He is also responsible for producing producing detailed CAD construction and shop drawings and is paramount in the transition from design to installation.

Mateo studied Industrial Design in Mexico City where he then specialized in recycled plastic composites for sustainable construction for 8 years and developed among other products materials for vertical garden companies. Mateo also obtained is Masters Degree in Advanced Sustainable Design at Edinburgh University in Scotland. His material and sustainable design expertise has helped Habitat Horticulture refine our products so they are not only the most efficient, but are the most sustainable meeting even the most stringent green building requirements set my the Living Building Challenge.

Mateo lives in San Francisco blocks away from Ocean Beach where he likes to surf in his free time.

Hh employees kim Kim Sibbernsen

Office Manager & Administrative Coordinator


Kim keeps the wheels in motion at Habitat Horticulture using her seamless coordination skills to work with Contractors, Architects, Sub-Contractors and Owners, ensuring all insurance and workers compensation documentation is up to date and compliant. Her attention to detail can be attributed to her experience working as Office Manager for Osborne Partners Capital Management.

Hh employees lucia Lucía Lamm



Bio coming soon...

Hh employees raphael Raphael Mora

Maintenance Foreman


Bio coming soon...

Hh employees mike Mike Casalegno

Installation Manager


Michael,​ our most heavily bearded plant lover, brings creativity, fun, and thoughtfulness to Habitat Horticulture. With a background that combines landscape and succulent design, urban farming, interior plant-scaping, construction and wood-working, Mike is a “jack of all trades”. Before joining the team, Michael was the horticulture director for public spaces in downtown Oakland and got his early start in the field at local nurseries.

Michael holds a degree in landscape architecture from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo. He is indebted to his parents, professors, and mentors who all instilled in him a love for the natural world and the ways in which plants enrich people’s lives and spaces. Don’t be surprised to bump into Michael at the occasional craft fair or rolling around in the dirt with his two dogs.

Hh employees3 Avi Jacobi



Avi is extremely driven toward maintaining a high level of professionalism across all aspects of Habitat Horticulture. Avi joined us in 2015 after working as a Corporate Controller at Playtech Services in Tel Aviv and previously worked as an Auditor for Deloitte.

Emil Emil Meek

Maintenance Manager


As maintenance manager, Emil is focused on keeping our living walls thriving and healthy. Emil also ensures that the maintenance crew is able to work safely and efficiently. With over 15 years of Landscape Management experience, Emil is well versed in the complexities of his role - performing each task with poise and a positive attitude. Prior to joining Habitat Horticulture, Emil owned and operated a Landscape Construction company in Seattle and later went on to become Maintenance Manager for Fox Landscaping in the Bay Area.

Collin Collin Spencer

Project Manager


Collin joined Habitat Horticulture in 2017. His previous roles included Construction Estimator for a high-end stone mason and Site Supervisor for Americorps where he led crews on residential construction projects.
Collin is able to see the big picture while also focusing on the details, ensuring that all projects are executed smoothly and within budget.

Phil1 Phil Greenberg

Senior Horticultural Technician


Bio coming soon...

Megan Megan Speckmann



As a lifelong plant lover, Megan’s real infatuation with plants blossomed after moving from Wisconsin to the Bay Area, which she refers to as a “botanical heaven” due to the year-long gardening season. Megan’s in-depth knowledge and appreciation of plants lend themselves to her role on the R&D team diagnosing plant related issues as well as working in our test garden testing out plants. Megan also works on design and maintenance. Before working with Habitat Horticulture, Megan worked as a horticulturist for Annie’s Annuals in the East Bay. Check out Megan’s award-winning botanical blog, ‘Far Out Flora’ for a closer look into her experience of growing plants in the Bay.

Robert1 Robert Zacks

Sales Manager


Bio coming soon.

Hh employees jason Jason Moon

Regional Manager


Jason manages operations for our Southern California branch from Los Angeles to San Diego. His background in Industrial Technology and Business Management has equipped him with the ability to oversee large installations with efficiency and skill. Before joining the team, Jason worked as the Operations Manager at Good Earth Plantscapes where he oversaw all living wall installations and acted as their sustainability consultant.