Living in a climate-changing world

The greater ecosystems we rely on are in jeopardy. Although living walls are inherently green and have numerous benefits to our environment, we recognize that our systems, designs, processes, and habits must also be sustainable for us to have a real positive impact. Below are some ways we are helping to protect our planet and preserve our most precious resources.

Native plants

We strive to incorporate locally native plants into each plant composition whenever possible that help support a diverse and resilient ecosystem

A few species in particular referred to as “keystone” plants support 90% of the native bee and caterpillars enabling terrestrial birds to reproduce

Water Efficiency

Water is our most precious resource—we design our systems to maximize each drop of water and use drought tolerant species whenever possible

Recirculate and reuse water when the project allows

We can also use reclaimed grey-water and black water

maintenance practices

We work with our suppliers to return and reuse boxes and nursery pots

Our integrated pest management programs use OMRI (organic and safe insecticides and release natural enemies to provide a balanced and thriving ecosystem

Eco-friendly Materials

We select recyclable and recycled materials as well as biodegradable whenever possible

Source and grow the majority of our plants plants within 100 mile radius of the jobsite

Our Growtex® system is made from post-consumer recycled water bottles (1SF of living wall is 8.6 plastic water bottles not floating in our oceans)

Made in the U.S.


Community is integral to healthy ecosystems and making positive change starts here. Habitat Horticulture regularly supports the larger community, and we are committed to donating 2% of our profits to causes and charities that focus on homelessness, mental illness, food banks, and greening our communities.We are incredibly honored by the ability to create and sustain projects in a field we love, and to give back to environments in need. Each year we support the following non-profits: